A System to Improve Profit in a Manufacturing Plant


          MPM Systems offers a lean management strategy to identify areas for productivity improvements in a manufacturing plant.  The core of the MPM system is a Profit Improvement Plan which utilizes a data collection and management system to collect and trend information from the process and equipment in order to know where to apply Lean Manufacturing or Six Sigma tools to improve your manufacturing process. 

          The MPM data collection and management systems are available as well as lean systems to reduce unscheduled maintenance and operational downtime to their lowest level.  All of this is contained within a Profit Improvement Plan for the manufacturing plant that continuously trends the metrics and provides actionable intelligence to improve the profitability of your manufacturing business.  MPM Systems keeps sight of the fact that it is not sales but profitability that drives a company.

          This method is applicable to many different types of manufacturing plants and industries.  MPM will install the system, model the process, set up the data collection and reporting methods, and train all affected employees on the use of the system. 

A Guide to Improving Uptime in a Manufacturing Plant


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